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Our Story

What is VEEA?

My name and my sister's. VEE and A. It's really our name.

VEEA is a gender non-conforming androgynous clothing brand empowering you to be you with designs available across the whole gender spectrum without compromising fit and style. You shouldn’t have to be anybody else to be accepted.

We started VEEA back in 2012 to tackle this problem: clothing from the Men's and Boy’s department don't fit androgynous women, and the women’s department has too much going on. Simply put, it wasn’t working for andro women.

After 3 years we were just scratching the surface. To me, being an androgynous brand means breaking the patriarchal boundaries that society imposes for each gender role and embracing both in a non-discriminative way. It’s not just about women wearing suits and men wearing heels, or skirts. It needed to be a platform where gender non-conforming, non-binary and LGBTQ+ individuals really have the freedom to explore, represent, express, or find their true essence through the whole gender spectrum. Because it’s bigger than fashion, it’s life.

Androgynous fashion is about embracing your own identity. It’s not about fitting into a box. It’s not lesbian, tomboy, gay, butch, girly, or a manly style. It’s not masculine or feminine, it’s both, yet it doesn’t require you to take on either of those social roles. So you can focus more on just being your authentic self. Stay true.

Let’s get personal.

Hello I’m Vee, founder and designer at VEEA.

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I’m the middle child of a very large family; five brothers and four sisters. Married to a wonder man, who support and moves with me every where I needed to achieve my dreams and goals.

As you might know my older sister “A” (that is actually her real name) and I started VEEA together. We came up with the idea in 2011 while talking about her struggles to find clothes and her life as an Andro. The struggle was real! But the idea didn’t come alive until we launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2012. We learned a great deal about our androgyny mates, their personal struggles mentally and physically, and business things.

" Thank you to those who’ve supported us and still supporting! "

If you didn’t know yet, after climbing the mountain for 3 years with VEEA, my sister A has decided to pursued her design passion in graphic and marketing in late 2014. I still meet up with her every now and then; bounce of ideas about VEEA and designs. We work in the same building. We were really close growing up, so separating us would be pretty hard. I still remember when she tried to hint and tell me she was into girls. She took me to watch “Saving Face”. My responds, “Cool, so how long have you and “…” been dating? I bet it’s since she came over as your “friend” to sleep over. I like her.” She has always been a big part of my life and taught me many things about; bravery, struggles, life and love.

My passion lies in design-solution to help limit the many problems we face in life. To me designing has to be something worth making and fighting for, something that would make a difference in the world and I believe VEEA is exactly that.

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