Due to the pandemic no products are available at this time. Stay tuned for release date.

Made-to-Order & Pre-Order

Why did we decided to process our orders with Made-to-Order and Pre-Order?

In today’s age, we live in a world of instant gratification and that has driven us to pay less attention to the world we are passing by. Our attention to the details has been lost along the way somewhere, and in effect more waste is produced onto the world.  

At VEEA we are working to find ways to give you what you need, and still do good for the world. So, let’s move away from the current fashion industry standard of mass production creating an endless sea of inventory.  By making your shirts to-order, our attention to detail of design and production will keep our quality at it’s best. Additionally, to build a sustainable business model, our goal is to reduce our carbon foot-print on the world.

Here is how we are doing it.

  • We only make design samples to help us see the final design, construction, details and provide photography for the store. No inventory is mass produced.
  • We only hold a small stock of raw materials for sampling and enough to process a few orders. 
  • We only cut, sew, finish, and package once an order is placed.
  • We reuse and redesign with material scraps from the cutting processing to make our small accessories. 
  • We use our pattern paper scraps and recycled paper to make our clothing tags and other paper products. 
  • We use recycled paper and boxes for packaging.
  • Samples and returns are reclaimed, cleaned and given away as gifts and/or donated to the community. 

What this mean to us and to you.

  • Less waste by up-cycling raw materials and reclaiming products.
  • Energy efficient by reducing electricity and utility usage.
  • Human efficiency by not needlessly overworking our employees to overproduce.
  • Space saving by not keeping needless inventory of products.
  • High quality maintained in checking for the finest details.
  • Appreciate our home by reducing both our carbon foot print on the world as producer and consumer.
  • Patience is not only a virtue but it allows us to appreciate the beauty it brings. The more time and focus we get to design, produce, and quality check products for you the more beautiful products you can appreciate and feel good about.


Processing Times:

Holiday Processing Time: 7 -14 business days


All items with made-to-order tag will have an estimated time of 5-10 business days before it is ship out.

Processing Time: 
1-2 Shirts Per Order: 5-7 business days.
3 or more Shirts Per Order: 5-10 business days.

Made-to-order products are made in the USA. Currently made in our small studio in Portland, OR. Once we grow we will expand to different parts of the US to help create more local jobs. 


All items you pledge through a pre-order campaign will vary depending on the campaign and/or product. You will always be given an estimated time frame before you decide to make your pledge. 

Pre-Order products are made in the USA and Taiwan. We have chosen to partner with various small manufacturers in Taiwan because Taiwan is like a second home to me. With family and friends living there, they have shown me so much love and hospitality that I always believe in giving back to the communities that have helped me to become who I am today. 

Thank you for deciding to make a conscious decision in your purchase with VEEA and everyday life.

Secret note: We are hoping to make custom designs available to you in the near future.