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Our Mission

Why did VEEA choose not to be a fast fashion brand?

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion is about making trendy clothes quick, cheap and disposable. These products are items that will not last in your wardrobe for a very long time. Fast fashion is cheaply made low quality knocks off of designer brands or other quality products.

The average American buys about 68 new items per year, half of which are worn 3 times or less due to fast fashion.

The average American throws away 80 lbs. of clothes a year. That’s about 10.5 million tons of clothes in landfills each year.

Think donating clothes solves the problem.  Well most donated clothes still end up in landfills. Unwanted clothes from one Salvation Army Center in New York creates 18 tons of waste from unwanted clothing every 3 days. If those donated clothes don’t get sold within one month they end up being sold to developing countries. And even there, much of last year’s fashion is filling this year’s landfills.

What can you do? You can make a difference.

Wear your garments for 9 months or longer. This will reduce your carbon footprint for that garment by 30%. So invest in well made quality clothes that you will love and cherish for years.

Buy or offer to take secondhand from your family or friends. This could save nearly 6 pounds of C02 emissions, equivalent to removing half a million cars in a year if everyone does this.

What are we doing at VEEA?

We produce only long lasting quality versatile products that you will want and cherish for years to come.

Everything is designed in our studio, where our design team puts together the mood boards with your insights for inspiration. Then we ideate with quick sketches of about 50-100 initial designs, ideas, and styles. After that we filter them down to about 20-25 products in detail for prototyping and sampling. Once we are finished producing the samples we put them through a filter where you guys help us decide what to take to production.

Tips from the Founder:

“Shop in terms of year instead of trends. If you can’t commit at least 1 year to a product and will only use it less than 5 times a month then don’t buy it. Just borrow it from someone or rent it. I’m a sucker for great quality products so whatever I purchase, it must be able to withstand wear and tear for at least 3 years. I only invest in quality things that I really like and are versatile to style with what I already have. Wearing the same outfits weekly doesn’t bother me as long as it’s clean.”

Sustainable Clothing Manufacturing

Did you know that the global fashion industry emits 1.7 billions tons of C02 per year – more than the amount produced by international flights and shipping? The fashion industry currently uses around 79 billion cubic meters of water per year.

How is VEEA tackling this problem?

1. We use waste materials: Deadstock fabrics
We use deadstock fabrics to produce our clothes. Waste fabrics are damaged, old, or discontinued fabrics. Once the deadstock fabric is used up, it’s gone. We do not use rip-off dead-stock fabrics. These are fabrics that was already produced, waiting in a warehouse to be sold. They are not actually waste fabrics.

What are dead-stock fabrics?
These are rolls of fabric that are leftover after a garment production run to become waste fabric. These fabrics were either damaged, old, discontinued or surplus fabric that is unwanted by the textile mills and the company that had produced it.

2. We work with environmentally conscience manufacturers.
Manufacturers who are environmentally conscience work to limit the use of chemical and water waste. These manufacturers may use methods such as natural dyes, solution-dye, GOTS organic materials, and or recycled materials.

What are Natural dyes?
Dyes derived from plants, invertebrates and or minerals.

What is the solution-dying process and how does it work?
Solution dying process is when the color for the finished product is added during the melting stage of the raw material before it is spun into yarn. Because the color was already set-in during the melting process you no longer need to dye the yarn or dye the fabric which uses thousand liters of water.

What are GOTS organic fabrics?
The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers. The GOTS standard requires the  organic status of textiles from harvesting of the raw materials through to the environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing and up to labeling. This standard provides a credible assurance to the end consumers. Fabrics and fiber with GOTS label grade ‘organic’ must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibers.

What are recycled fabric?
Recycled fabric are fabrics made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles, coffee grounds, wood chips, fabric scraps, or recycled seashells. 

Ethical Manufacturing

Ethical manufacturing: treat others how you want to be treated. 
This means focusing on their health, safety, and mental well being to provide them with competitive pays and a healthy work life. Why? Because it's the right thing to do! And it's personal.

From the Founder:
"I'm not from a wealthy family, we were immigrants. My mother was a seamstress. I understand first hand and will never forget how much physical pain she must have endured just to barely make due for my family. There where 10 of us! So VEEA's culture and working condition for our employees and our manufacturing partners are very very important to me."

What is VEEA's work culture?

1. Production team:
Our production team and partners are essential to our brand, so we create a culture where our employees are provided with great benefits, competitive pay and a happy balanced work life. They are an integral part of our team, not just some manufacturer we outsource to produce our products.

2. No single department is more important than another:
We involve at least one person from every department in the decision making and in our weekly meetings. We want to create an inclusive environment where our employees can think big, have fun and grow.

3. It's a team decision:
Our customers, employees, community and environment are VEEA's life support. We consider them in every decision that we make.