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The Androgynous Fit

First impressions matter. Make your first impression memorable. With VEEA, never worry about how your outfit looks, so be confident with your personality on that interview, that first date, or everything in between. All shirts feature clean design, excellent craftsmanship, and quality fabrics. Whether you’re inside, outside, or in a dimly lit area you know you’ll look your best. The shirts you’ve always wanted. Now, they’re here. No more substitutes. The craftsmanship and design transform the entire shirt experience. So it looks and feels incredibly perfect – to the smallest details to fit your body and your style.

Let us break it down for you.

Tailored Fit

A closer fit through the chest down and tapered sharply for a crisp and trim look.
Smaller armhole and sleeves are slightly tapered for a slim look.
Design is constructed with more room to move, yet not too tight or snug that is constricting nor is it loose.

Always made with materials that have a slight stretch.
For a sleek, slim, and comfortable look and feel.

Tailored Fit

veea tailored fit


Classic Fit

Relaxed across chest and waist down to hem line.
Slightly larger armhole for a fuller sleeves, so you can easily roll them up.
The shirts every Andro women needs at least 10 of.
For a relaxed, casual, and comfortable fit, yet still look perfectly put together.

VEEA Standard Fit

veea classic fit

A shirt is a personal statement.

Now for the first time, you can wear a shirt that compliments your personality. No more sacrifices on cuts or designs. Your shirts are yours. Make it personal. Make it you. Ready for any event.

"Sometimes things happen when you least expect them. Luckily you're wearing a VEEA shirt when you’re asked out. Or you’re in the coffee shop and see “the One”. Or maybe you’re called into an important meeting with the Jefe. These shirts are ready for that unpredictable moment when you need to look your best. Androgynous shirts, they're ready for anything."

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Every shirt comes with a 30 day return, no-questions asked guarantee.
Best practices and care instructions are posted online so you can access them. When you need them.
Don’t know which shirt goes best with that pair of pants? Ask us.