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Why did VEEA Exist?

1. There has never been an inclusive androgynous clothing brand that truly designs style and fit across the whole gender spectrum without compromises.

2. Current sizing systems are divided into men's and women’s designs, styles and fit. This divide has limited us to shop and express ourselves freely.

3. Some brands are jumping on the market to offer more unisex or gender-fluid clothing. However, unisex and gender-free clothing largely refers to oversized basics, loose silhouettes, neutral colors, T-shirts, and hoodies for everyone. They never really truly push the envelope.

4. High-end fashion designers who are offering androgynous styles are over priced and are still divided by men and women’s category.

5. We have been settling for t-shirts and whatever we find in the women's, men's and boy’s department in hope that once we bring it home it’ll fit because we couldn’t properly try it on. Those who likes to dress more on the masculine spectrum with a female anatomy are stuck with very limited selection, ill-fitting button-ups from large wide sleeves, shoulder seams that sit at the wrong spot, extra fabric gathering in the arms, around the waist, hip hugging pants, oversized clothing and T-shirts. On the other end, those who like to dress more feminine with a male anatomy are stuck with completely nothing.

6. Shopping has become such a pain and can be so frustrating which makes us feel invalid, anxious, and singled out. It’s hard to really find what we want that will fit because of the way style and size has been divided. Most of the time we receive weird looks from sales staff if we want to try on something they think is supposed to be for the opposite gender. And at times we even receive discrimination or get pushed away to another section or fitting room.

7. Fashion conformity not only exists between men and women styles, but also within the community. There are stereotypes about how lesbians, gays, non-binaries, gender-fluid, and or transgender should be dressed. So there are prejudices and lack of compassion towards one another.

Fashion is genderless regardless.